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Glass steel deck

The main products include: FRP pultruded profiles, FRP pultruded grille, FRP molded grille, FRP molded products and a variety of hand paste products.


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Product Details

The glass fiber reinforced plastic deck is a large glass fiber reinforced plastic profile formed at one time by pultrusion process. It can be used in various corrosive environments by forming a continuous closed plane through a unique self-locking structure. As a bearing structure, it can replace wood, aluminum and steel plates. The surface of the product is added with natural colored sand, which is not only safe and non-slip performance, but also can maintain natural appearance and never fade.

Deck Specifications




Product code SRD500-40 Panel thickness 5mm
Product width 500mm Web Thickness 3.75mm
Product height 40mm Product Weight 11kg/m



Flame retardant, safe and non-slip, easy to install, maintenance, light weight and high strength


Processing and installation

The surface of the product can be machined mounting holes and rain holes, and stainless steel mounting fixtures can be provided.



Products have passed the ASTME 84 fire test and the American Classification Society quality certification. Under the strict quality control of the production process, the product pass rate of up to 99.8, has passed the 1S09001:2008 quality system certification.


Type of glass fiber roving selected


Code Roving type Recommended use occasions
E alkali-free roving Applied to high strength requirements and high corrosion resistance occasions


Selected packing type


Code Packing type Recommended use occasions
ATH aluminum hydroxide Flame retardant, smoke suppression, corrosion resistance occasions
PR No filler, pure resin For high corrosion resistance occasions


Grid thickness
Rib back thickness
Square Dimensions
Overall plate size
Opening rate
30 7.0/6.0 26 × 26
52 × 52
1530 × 4000,1532 × 4050 15.3 60
38 6.0/5.0 26 × 26
52 × 52
1150 × 4011 19.5 60

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