Production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating

Release time:2024-01-20

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The production process of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating mainly includes the following three kinds:

1. Reciprocating fiber winding process: This is a fixed-length method. The glue dipping tank reciprocates with the rotating core mold. The long fiber glass filament is placed at a certain oblique angle relative to the core mold axis. The auxiliary angle (I. e. winding angle) is controlled by the ratio of the moving speed of the glue dipping tank to the rotating speed of the core mold. The translational movement of the glue dipping tank is controlled by computerized machine-electricity. The number of winding layers is gradually increased until the designed wall thickness is reached. After winding is complete, the resin in the article is substantially cured. After curing, the core mold is removed from the FRP tube.

2. Continuous fiber surrounding process: This process belongs to the continuous method. The pipe passes through a feeding station that supplies resin pre-impregnated roving, short-cut glass fiber reinforced plastic fiber and resin sand mixture during the movement. The pipe is continuously in the core mold. Made in advance.

3. Centrifugal casting process: This is also a fixed-length method. The blocked glass fiber reinforced material and sand are fed into a steel mold fixed on the bearing, and an unsaturated resin with catalyst is injected into one end of the steel mold to impregnate the reinforced material.

These processes make the glass fiber interwoven and fully penetrated by the resin in different ways, so that the grid has the greatest degree of corrosion resistance. In addition, the overall structure makes the load evenly distributed, which contributes to the uniform force of the grid installation and its installation support structure. At the same time, the glossy surface of the grille and the italic grille surface make it self-cleaning. If the appearance is concave or sand laying, the anti-skid effect is better.

The above content is for reference only. For more information, it is recommended to consult the books related to the production of FRP grille or consult the manufacturer.

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