Distinguish the Misunderstanding of the Quality of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Grille

Release time:2024-01-20

Classification: Industry News

1. The more sand layer, the better the quality. It is wrong. First of all, the sand layer plays a role of connection and bearing. There must be a reasonable proportion. The good proportion is 8.5 layers. Too much will be self-defeating and affect the board. Hardness and willfulness.

2. The sales staff advertises that the more glass fiber reinforced plastic sand layers, the better, because the sand layer is relatively low relative to the resin. In other words, the more sand layers are pulled in, the lower the cost of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating plate, which is an influence skill.

3. When cutting, there are many small holes in the board, and you will think that the quality of the board is not good. In fact, the opposite is true. The square inside the cut is all flat, indicating that more stone powder is added and dimethyl ester filler can achieve this effect. However, the bearing capacity is often reduced, and the situation of slag and block falling is serious.

FRP grille in the actual application, these problems mentioned above must be fully applied, which is also in order to better use the FRP grille in the process of exerting its performance, at the same time better prolong the service life, so these problems are also the more powerful basis for us to use the FRP grille.

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