Precautions for the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating

Release time:2024-01-20

Classification: Industry News

Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating in the use of the process need to pay attention to the following matters:

  1. Due to the low density and light material of the FRP grating, the pipeline is easy to float when installed in areas with high groundwater level. Therefore, it is necessary to set up anti-floating measures such as town piers or rainwater runoff diversion.
  2. Construction such as opening holes on the installed FRP grid or repairing pipe cracks requires complete dry conditions in similar workshops. This is because the resin and fiber cloth used in construction need to be cured within 7-8 hours, and on-site construction and repair are generally difficult to meet this requirement.
  3. Existing underground pipeline detection equipment is mainly to detect metal pipelines, while non-metallic pipeline detection instruments are expensive. Therefore, after the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating is buried, it cannot be detected, and other subsequent construction units are easy to dig and damage the pipeline during the construction process.
  4. The anti-ultraviolet ability of glass fiber reinforced plastic grating is poor. In order to delay the aging time, a 0.5mm thick resin-rich layer and an ultraviolet absorber need to be made on the surface of the exposed glass fiber reinforced plastic grating. However, over time, these protective layers may be damaged, affecting their service life.
  5. During use, the surface dust and dirt can be cleaned with washing liquid, but direct contact with various open flames and high temperatures should be avoided to prevent damage. In addition, it should also avoid all kinds of steel, steel sharp tools, tools and other drag, impact damage and paint pollution.
  6. During installation, it should be noted that the supporting edge of the platform is at least 40mm wide on the steel beam, the installation gap between the grid and the grid is 6mm, and the installation gap between the grid and the concrete column is 10mm. At the same time, the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating and the support beam shall be fixed with M-type or L-type clamps. Each grating shall be fixed with at least 4 clamps. The edges of two adjacent non-support gratings shall be connected with C- type clamps, and at least one clamp shall be used for every 1.8m long midpoint.
  7. When installing the trench, refer to the single grid size of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grid, and adjust the trench size as much as possible, so that the edge of the grid diameter after cutting is closed, so as to maintain the integrity of the grid and ensure the installation effect. At the same time, the grid is at least 40mm wide on the concrete foundation, and the gap between the grid and the concrete is 3-6mm.
  8. When installing stairs, the grille tread should be installed on the tread frame or bracket, which can be made of steel or glass steel. At the same time, the gap between the grille step and the frame is 3-6mm, each step is fixed with 8 fixing clamps, and each corner is used two, which can also be directly fixed on the bracket.

In summary, although the FRP grille has a series of advantages such as long service life, low cost, no danger, reliability, no maintenance, and beautiful appearance, it is still necessary to pay attention to the above matters during use to ensure its performance and life.

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